5 Video Games That Should Exist


Ever since video games became a real, mainstream form of entertainment, gamers everywhere have been speculating and dreaming of different crossovers or sequels that could be made. I’m here to tell you 5 of those that I think should exist. Let’s get started.


Pokemon MMORPG


I’m sure some of the more ‘industry savvy” ones of you saw this coming, but a free roam Pokemon MMO is something gamers have wanted for a decade. Not only would it be a great opportunity for Nintendo (since they are definitely on the decline at the moment), but it would be a godsend for Pokemon fans everywhere. Think about it. You and your friends running around a new, 3D open world Region capturing Pokemon and leveling them up with a World of Warcraft type battle system. Seemless player encounters, every existing Pokemon to date being included, the Pokemon league and gym leaders being made out of the best players in the game. Please Nintendo, make this happen.


Dark Souls: A Song of Ice and Fire


I feel so proud of myself for thinking of this all on my own, although I’m sure others have also speculated the idea. A Dark Souls game, set in the world of Game of Thrones. Taking the relentless combat and battle system and putting it into the deep, powerful world of the hit HBO show and books. Whether it’d be DLC for Dark Souls 3, or a game on its own, my life would be complete. Imagine if it was revealed that Dark Souls and Game of Thrones were in the exact same world! The Lords of Cinder could be ancestors of the Targaryens, the Children of The Forest could have somehow created the hollowed, and the White Walkers could be hollowed themselves! Obviously I’m getting ahead of myself, but with Dark Souls 3 being my favorite game ever, and Game of Thrones being my favorite THING ever, I have to dream. Oh yeah, and make the main character either Jaime Lannister or Ned Stark. You heard it here first people.


Half Life 3/Portal 3/Left for Dead 3


Will Valve ever make a third game in any of their series? Probably not. But if they ever do, the world may end as you know it. Especially if it’s Half Life 3. But unless you’ve been under a rock for 15 years, you already know that. Half Life 3, Portal 3, and Left for Dead 3 are some of the most highly anticipated games ever, and they haven’t even been announced. Whether this is simply because Valve has never released a third of anything, or that people would actually enjoy another installment from these series, you decide.  But this makes the list for very obvious reasons. Half Life 3 confirmed.


A Better and Different “No Man’s Sky”


No Man’s Sky isn’t as great as everyone thought it’d be. And that’s OK. In fact, No Man’s Sky isn’t a bad game by any means, it was just very overly hyped. No Man’s Sky was made by an indie developer who did a good job with what they had. That being said, someone should make a new game in the image of No Man’s Sky. May I recommend, Bethesda? Why you ask? Skyrim in space with a huge emphasis on exploration? Dude…yes. Please just take money.


Assassin’s Creed: Feudal Japan

Credit: Kleviathan
Credit: Kleviathan

I know all about the 3 crappy 2.5d side scrolling Assassins Creeds that came out. I also know one of them was set in China, which, because of this, a lot of people would argue that there is no need for an Assassins Creed set in Feudal Japan. China is not the same as Feudal Japan people. The game also wouldn’t be a crappy side scroller. An Assassins Creed game that did justice to its setting (Feudal Japan) and to itself while implementing exciting and refreshing new ideas would be amazing. I can’t even explain what would be great, because I’m pretty sure it’d all be great if they did it right.


What do you guys think? What games would you like to see hit the market? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Feudal era Assassin’s Creed would be a day one purchase for me.