Just Cause 3: Mech Land Assault Launch Trailer Released


Earlier today Square Enix dropped a new trailer for Just Cause 3’s new DLC: Mech Land Assault. The trailer is mostly just an animated short, but at the end you can see gameplay of Rico controlling the machine, destroying everything in his path. In Mech Land Assault you will be taken to a new island called Lacrima. On this new island you will find an abandoned eDEN base and a prison camp run by the Black Hand. Rico will need to use the Bavarium Core Rifle to take out a mech’s shield, allowing him to take control of it. The mechs are equipped with cannons and “GRIP” guns so you can destroy just about everything that gets in your way.


In this new expansion you will get to control 2 different mechs which have the ability to use “GRIP” (Gravitational Remote Influence Projector). With “GRIP” you are able to hurl objects at your enemies and use a “force pulse” attack. Your mechs can also be upgraded through mech arena challenges. And when things get a little heated you can call a mech rebel buddy for assistance. Mech Land Assault is the second content add-on from Just Cause 3’s Air, Sea, and Land expansion, and it will be available for download on June 10th.